Improve Your Self-Image

Improve Your Self-Image

 When you look at the mirror, who do you see? Do you see a confident and happy person or one who is unhappy and dissatisfied with life? Self-image is the image of yourself you have developed in your mind. It plays a very important role in your life, determining your thoughts, your behaviour and your choices in life. A healthy self-esteem will lead you towards a happy and fulfilled life, while an unhealthy one will almost always guide you to the wrong path.

A poor self-image must be changed if you want to be happy, and Let’s Live life coaching helps you with just that. Let’s Live coaches are trained in NLP techniques and hypnotherapy to help you find and eliminate the deep-rooted negative persona you have created for yourself in your mind.

Boost Your Self-Esteem

 People with poor self-image give more importance to what others think, are afraid to make mistakes and avoid doing anything new because of fear. They hardly ever move out of their comfort zone, and live in the same rut through their lives. A poor self-esteem is self-destructive and surfaces as negative emotions, reactions and behaviour in different situations. A negative self-image will have a strong negative impact on all areas of your life – personal and professional.

With Let’s Live life coaching programs, you can –

  • Discover yourself
  • Identify your strengths and weaknesses, in their true sense
  • Accept your true self
  • Put your strengths to best use and get over the weaknesses that pull you down
  • Live a fulfilling live, with a healthy self-image

Hypnotherapy for Positive Self-Image

The image of yourself that you build over the years cannot be changed in just a day. Commitment and hard work are necessary if you want to transform the way you see yourself. However, life coaching alone may not be able to help you change your negative beliefs about self, especially when they are deep rooted and go a long way back into your childhood.

This is where our experts use the power of hypnotherapy to help you come out of the destructive negative self-image and behaviour patterns. Hypnotherapy is a safe and gentle way of getting rid of the damaging thoughts and patterns you have developed with regards to yourself over the years.

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When you need to change your life for better, and live a confident, happy and fulfilling life, you can count on Let’s Live life coaches to assist you. Contact us today to know more about the programs we offer.

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