Why NLP and Lie Detection Together?

Why NLP and Lie Detection Together?

A lot of research has been conducted to establish whether there are certain behaviours which correspond to lying. Paul Ekman, who has made a tremendous contribution to our understanding of non-verbal communication, has himself addressed the issue in his 2001 book, ‘Telling Lies.’

Neuro-Linguistic Programming or NLP includes a large and diverse group of psychological techniques whose purpose is to enhance the quality of a person’s life. If you are a businessman, you will know the importance of trust in business. NLP training can give you the ability to see through lies so that you have a great advantage.

But you do not have to be a businessman to benefit from NLP techniques, as so many people have discovered. You can be a student, a homemaker, a professional, or even an office-goer and you can benefit from NLP.

How Can NLP Help You Detect Lies?

Let’s take the example of mothers to explain this aspect of NLP. Mothers are very good at seeing through lies. You might have often wondered how she is able to catch you when you lie. Here is a simple explanation. She has seen your range of facial expressions, knows how your voice varies when you lie, and knows how your body language changes when you lie. You also know that it is pointless to lie to her because she will catch you.

When you lie, you are unconsciously displaying a ‘tell’. In poker, a ‘tell’ is a minute body movement or a facial expression that you show when you bluff. Your mother sees the ‘tell’ and she knows that you are lying. She can do this because she is using an NLP technique.

Most people believe that it is not possible to know what another person is thinking or feeling. This is partly true and partly false. It is hard to know what is going on in another person’s mind, but to say that it is impossible to know what another person is feeling is wrong. The truth is that there are techniques in NLP that can give an edge to your intuition and help you understand what people are feeling.

When you were a child, you learnt to translate your caregiver’s facial expressions and body movements instinctively. When you went out to play, you learnt to translate signals from your peers to know if they would be aggressive or cooperative. When you became a teenager, you learnt dating signals. While you do not need to be so hyper-aware when you are working, know that your subconscious mind is still tracking details from your environment. This ability can help you when you want to detect lies or know when a person is not being totally forthcoming with information.

Techniques in NLP for Lie Detection

When you sign up for our NLP course, you will learn many NLP techniques that are especially useful in detecting lies. Here are a few examples.

A person’s face is a gold mine for clues about that person’s state of mind. You can tell what a person is feeling by looking at his facial expressions. Have you ever thought about why you are able to instinctively tell when a person is feeling sad, happy, or interested? But people have also developed safeguards against this and they have learnt to remain stoic. But what they are not aware of are the micro-expressions. However hard a person tries to control his emotions, the mind will betray him through small fleeting expressions on the face that may last only as long as 1/10 of a second. These are called micro-expressions.

A person’s eyes also tell a lot about the turmoil in his or her head. For instance, if someone is making up a story, their eyes will dart to your left. Sometimes, they may just be trying to figure out how to put a particular phrase together, but if they are doing it too often, they are probably lying. This technique is called ‘eye assessing’ in NLP.

These are a few techniques that you can learn in NLP. To learn more, sign up for an NLP class at Let’s Live Coaching.

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