What Is Silent Talker Lie Detector?

What Is Silent Talker Lie Detector?

A lie/deception detector that closely observes non-verbal behaviour and analyzes micro-expressions of a subject being interviewed, the Silent Talker Lie Detector is one of the most widely used lie-detecting devices. It works on the theory that an individual’s non-verbal behaviour changes under the presence of various influences if they are being deceptive. The changes observed may include cognitive load, delight derived from deceiving others, behaviour control and arousal.


Invented by a four-member team from the Manchester Metropolitan University that included James O’Shea, David McLean, Janet Rothwell, and Zuhair Bandar, this extremely popular lie-detector was developed over a period of three years – the team began work on the non-verbal behaviour lie-detector in 2000 and came up with a fully-functional device in 2002. Following the device’s invention, its adaptive profiling architecture was patented internationally, and lie-detection was established as the primary purpose of the invention.

The Testing Procedure

The individual being interviewed is closely observed through multiple cameras placed at varying angles in different places, e.g. head and shoulders, full-body view and thermal imagining cameras. The cameras relay a video output to a connected computer.

During the course of the interview, the lie-detector classifies the subject’s answers to the interviewer’s questions as truthful or deceitful in real time, based on its ingenious model for detecting deceptive behavior through subtle changes in non-verbal behavior. The classification of the interviewee’s behavior can either be done at the end of each question or continuously monitored to make an overall judgment at the end.

The process does not necessitate any calibrations to attune itself to different personality-types, and no specific training is needed for interpreting the results of the lie-detection tests.


The underlying principle behind this lie-detector is non-verbal behaviour. The study of facial expressions or emotions, and other non-verbal cues like gestures, body postures, interpersonal distance, and hand/arm movements among others is a well-established field of study tracing its origins to the works of the great British natural scientist, Charles Darwin.

However, it was the landmark study of David Efron in non-verbal communication among various cultures that was the starting point of modern non-verbal behaviour theory. Numerous research investigations have supported the analysis of non-verbal behaviour as a powerful predictive tool in deception-detection.

Artificial, computer-generated models that try to replicate the human central nervous system have an extraordinary capacity to detect meaning in imprecise data. These artificial neural models/networks can be effectively used to identify patterns and spot trends too complex for us or any other techniques known to man, and offer a credible scientific basis for the Silent Talker’s classifications.

The lie-detection capabilities of the Silent Talker are formidable because of its following distinctive features:

  • The detector uses repositories of computer-generated neural models to precisely identify and classify non-verbal features.
  • In addition to conventional artificial neural models/networks banks, it employs further repositories in the detection of micro-expressions.
  • The micro-expressions, also known as micro-gestures, are recorded over a fixed time period.
  • An analysis of the relationships between different events over the specified duration is conducted by an artificial neural network before the classification. These artificial networks can identify which psycho-physiological features are important, and ascribe meaning to them in terms of truthful and deceitful non-verbal behaviour.

The device has been peer-reviewed in many journals and has found backers in psychology, artificial intelligence, crime-handling and prevention, and law enforcement communities. More effective than other lie-detectors against whom subjects can develop effective stonewalling or countering strategies, the device affords deception-detection using a broad range of factors which include cognitive load, behaviour control and duping delight.

Because of its robustness against possible countering and strong foundations in non-verbal human response under a myriad of situations, the Silent Talker is by a fair distance one of the most dependable lie-detectors in the world today.

Apart from using the lie detector, you can observe a person’s body language to find out if he is lying. Let’s Live Coaching offers a variety of courses to help you understand the science of deception and read one’s body language as well.

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