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There’s no such thing as the light at the end of the tunnel, you must realize that you are the light and it’s your heart of gold that ignites the spark that spread the fire and releases the spirit of the weary souls.

You are a gift to the world, an authentic expression of the message of hope. Your soul is filed with peace and understanding and through your veins runs a river with the message of life!

Give answer to your calling and expression to your purpose, you deserve to be seen, you deserve to be heard, it’s time to embrace the wonder in you.

Francois Janse van Rensburg

Love and Lead your Life to Greatness.

Our scientifically proven methodologies are made up of a harmonious blend between Modern Science, Quantum Physics and the latest breakthroughs in Applied Psychology. We are geared to drive performance, enhance personal well being, and introduce individuals to the blazing power they can wield in every sphere of their personal and professional lives.
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The mystery of the invisible seed!

The artist’s expression of his inner self is hidden in the art and the beauty of his painting. Look deep enough into any type of art, and you will find the mystery of an invisible dream that started off in a single seed in the heart and the very essence of the architect. If we gaze upon various arts, we might not understand the zeal and the power of the hidden seed, which responded to the prophetic voice of his creator. A single seed or idea, that finds his expression, in the unveiling of his artwork.

The first word in the Bible, Greek “Beresshet” literally means in the head. You are the expression of the greatest idea that ever was. If you allow yourself to fully grasp the implication of this, you will never again look at yourself in an ordinary way. You are entrusted with greatness and a zeal for life. Your uniqueness gives you an undeniable edge over life. You are the highest expression of integrity and designer excellence. We believe in your dreams, the ones that keep rising from within yourself and appeals to your conscious to break over and above the horizon.

Your greatest and most daring dreams are the fuel that will ignite the reality of the very essence of who you really are. The awareness of who you are and the greatness that dwells inside of you, supersede the self-created reality of lack and need. Acquaint yourself with your childhood dreams and awaken to the truth of your life. Continue to harbour these thoughts within you, and allow your dreams to release the infinite sea of possibilities, whilst you read and scroll through our website.

Kingdom Love

Francois Janse van Rensburg

Clarissa Wolman

"I gained so much confidence in my ability to connect and deepen my relationships with people. It’s amazing how much easier it has been to meet new people and create instant connections. I have the exact same personality, the only thing that has changed is my mindset and a few behaviors."

Janet Barnes

"Thank you Francois you make it very personal, which for me makes it penetrates and sink in. I love your enthusiasm and your faith in me. Thank you for making it possible. I want to apply all the techniques in my life and share with others, Advertise and take this step ahead"

Jaco Bosman

Living proof It is with great pleasure and excitement that I look forward to not only the next steps in my life but the journey I have started with Let's Live Couching and Francois Janse van Rensburg. It is truly a one of a kind LIVE change experience. Not for one day have I felt lost in this journey, because Francois and his team has always been there to see to all my question and deliver a very professional product. I would definitely recommend Let's Live Courses and breakthrough sessions with Francois, worth every penny in gold. My life has not been the same....

Loiusa Karabo Kgwathe

Francois Janse van Rensburg is a respected and capable Master Coach and Trainer with great expertise regarding Business- and Leadership Coaching. He is highly regarded for his professional skills and his dedication towards his clients. He is always striving towards higher and better knowledge and results. That makes him one of the frontrunners in the coaching industry.

Christopher Brown

This was very empowering and life changing. Thank you very much for sharing your dream and knowledge with us. Thanks for giving a change to my life.

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More about Francois Janse van Rensburg

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