Become a Christian Life Coach

Become a Christian Life Coach

Do you feel that it is your calling to serve humanity by following the path of Christ? If yes, then you should give serious thought to becoming a Christian life coach. As a certified Christian life coach you will have the authority to start your very own ministry, guide people on matters of faith and spread the message of love, brotherhood and happiness in the world.

We, at Let’s Live teach you to become an effective coach of the Christian faith. We do it by employing our different life coaching programs that take you through various stages of personal, professional and spiritual development.

Christian Life Coaching

The First StageSelf Discovery or Master 1 Course

Your journey of becoming a spiritual guide and healer starts with a process of self-discovery. Your awareness of the world around you is incomplete without a deeper understanding of your inner-self. We encourage you to dig into the recesses of your mind, spirit and soul, so that you can recognize your true aspirations and needs.

Living in a cynical and ever-on-the-move world, people lose sense of their real identity. They start to see themselves through other people’s opinions about them. Their unhappiness and misery, most of the time, stems from this alienation from their true self. The Master 1 course gives you the true idea of who you are, and empowers you to act on your motivations.

Designed to inspire, enrich and build a strong self-esteem, the two-day course presents you with an opportunity to remove the webs that have formed in your mind, and gain clarity of perception and thought. You are given materials during the course that place dynamic and powerful self-development tools at your disposal.

The course helps you realize your true calling. It reinforces the beliefs of Christianity and relieves you from limiting notions that hinder your spiritual quest. Meditation and reflection on your past will help you achieve closure on any unresolved issues you may have; after the training you will be able to break free from the fetters of the past and live the life you desire.

Many themes like identity issues: low self-esteem, nervousness, stage fright, lack of motivation or confidence, timidity, hostility, anxiousness, etc., negative emotions: envy, greed, anger, guilt, and fear among others, and addictions, are covered during Master 1 Course.


The Second Stage – Some More Self Discovery or Master 2 Course

Once you have realized your true identity, and re-affirmed the strength of your Christian beliefs, you will enter the second stage of self discovery or the Master 2 course. A part of Let’s Live holistic life coaching program, this course focuses on strengthening your positive emotions. It is optimism and cheerfulness that help people prevail in personal and professional capacities. This course teaches you to keep your faith and the smile on your face, even when things might not seem entirely favorable. Each exercise of the course is designed to develop quick, lateral thinking, and powerful communication skills.

The Master 2 course goes beyond its objective of self/personal growth to include informal and formal activities for helping you don the cap of a life coach, mentor, or counselor. You are also introduced to the revolutionary NLP, approach to communication and behavior studies.

The Third Stage – 9-Days Life Coaching Course

We believe in developing life coaches, who can bring about effective and enduring change, and not merely certificate holders. In our view, a life coach is someone who is fully qualified and equipped to transform people’s personal and professional life. That’s why it’s only when you have completed the first two master levels, that you can gain entry to the 9-days life coaching course at Let’s Live.

The first two levels make you aware of your own and other people’s strengths and weaknesses. You come to have a clear understanding of your motives and desires, and are initiated to some powerful communication techniques. The 9-days course builds upon this foundation and through engaging practical activities heightens your ability to interact with passion, patience and understanding.

The Final Stage – 365-Days Spiritual Mentoring/Coaching Course

This year-long course integrates scientific analysis with spiritual philosophy, and gives you the chance to probe deeper into the human mind and soul, to help you clearly understand the reasons behind people’s actions.

At the end of this course you emerge as a thinker and visionary, with the skills and confidence to guide your followers and bring lasting changes in their lives on different levels.

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