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When you opt for the Master Coach Trainer course, you receive exclusive access to resources and advice necessary to prepare for a responsible career as a Master Coach Trainer. If your goal is to establish your own coaching institute or invest in a Let’s-Live Coaching franchisee, our Master Coach Trainer certification is an excellent first step.

Requirements to enrol in the Master Coach Trainer Course

We welcome you to join this course if you have coached at least 2000 people, or you can prove that you have more than 10,000 practical coaching hours under your belt. The Master Coach training course will require you to devote 1000 hours towards intensive training. Here is a look at the break-down:

  • Complete your 820 coach training hours.
  • Complete your 1000 practical coaching hours.
  • Complete your thesis on:
  1. NLP Neuro-Linguistic Programming.
  2. Hypnosis.
  3. Life Coaching.
  4.  Business Coaching.
  5. Relationship Coaching.
  6. Scholar and student Coaching.
  7. Life Coaching in general.
  8. Health.

You can proceed with the 30-day master coach training at Let’s-Live Coaching after you have completed the 2, 3, 9- and 14-day courses. After learning the basics of Life Coaching, its principles and practical uses, you can hone your skills as a Master Life Coach through a month-long course. The month-long Master Coach Training Course is aimed at helping you sharpen, perfect and polish your skills as a Life Coach. Through this course, you can learn the essential skills and strategies needed to help future clients successfully, and also understand the business aspects of launching a career as a coach.

You can choose from a number of advanced Life Coaching subjects like Executive Master Coach, Master NLP Trainer, Master Coach Trainer, Performance Manager, Proactive Business Leader as well as Master Hypnotherapist Instructor. You can also choose to apply your skills in Life Coaching to teach the next generation of professionals in mastering a number of skills and meeting their potential.

As an internationally recognised professional in the field, you can join the growing global community of Life Coaches and new thought leaders all over the world. You can also enjoy close associations and collaborations with the leading professionals in the current Life Coaching industry and serve some of the biggest corporations anywhere in the world.

Master classes at Let’s-Live Coaching

Advanced Life Coaching Courses at Let’s-Live Coaching boasts an extensive network of reputed leaders in motivational psychology, Life Coaching and other related fields.

All professionals at Let’s-Live Coaching abide by the ethical conduct regulated by:

  • COMENSA: Coaches and Mentors of South Africa
  • ICR: International Coaching Register
  • ITA: International Training Academy of NLP

If you want to become a pioneer, a successful entrepreneur and take advantage of the lucrative opportunities offered by Life Coaching, a Master Level Training Course is just for you.

The process explained

Upon registration, we provide you with the material needed to prepare for and write your certification test. This includes:

  • NLP Trainers Manual.
  • Hypnosis Instructors Manual.
  • Life Coaching and Trainers Manual.
  • Business Coaching Trainers Manual.
  • Health and Fitness Instructors Manual.
  • Scholar and Students instructors Manual.
  • Relationship Coaching instructors manual.

Our assessment tests are aimed at ensuring that only deserving candidates receive our authoritative certifications. We have devised three tests to evaluate candidates’ commitment to becoming responsible Master Coach Trainers:

  1. NLP Instructors Test.
  2. Hypnotherapist Instructors test.
  3. Life Coaching instructors test.

A score of more than 90% on the above tests will make you eligible for the 30-day training. Our testing mechanism is designed with care and input from test groups comprising experienced and aspiring Master Life Coach Trainers. For more information, please feel free to contact us.

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