Many people would agree that being a life coach means having one of the most pious and important professions a person can think of. A life coach helps you in defining and molding your life by helping you identify and achieve personal goals.

Life coaching is pure science for it draws upon a host of different methods as well as methodologies that other disciplines entail. You’ll find integrated in life coaching various concepts and functionalities of sociology, psychology, personal development and even career counseling. However, unlike them, life coaching is a dialogue – a two-way communication that helps you appropriately change your life by apprehending your true hidden potential.

What Exactly Does a Life Coach Do?

When you are somebody’s life coach, you assess their personality and accordingly help them address their goals as well as ambitions. Irrespective of the nature of these goals – personal or professional, as a life coach it is your duty to help these individuals bring about personal changes to assist the acquisition of these goals. You bring out the best in them by shaping their personalities and perspectives on various issues of life.

Do you feel like you want to reach out and help those who are around you deal with the mayhem that is life? Do you feel like your purpose was to mentor and guide individuals on the path of a more fulfilled, blissful life?

If yes, then become a life coach! If not, you say you want to deal with your own issues first and then maybe think about helping others – take the help of a life coach. For those, who want to become a skilled agent of peace and contentment Let’s Live Life Coaching Training is meant for you.

What You Stand To Gain From Let’s Live Life Coach Training

We could go all out here promising you that after having completed the Let’s Live training you will turn into a wealthy businessman making a lot of money.

What we can promise you however, is that you will be a well trained highly qualified life coach equipped with relevant experience and a deep understanding of the human constitution. Before certifying life coaches from our institute, we make sure they are adept, equipped, and beaming with experience.

They will be confident that they can make a difference in the lives of other individuals. Our aim has always been to produce qualified coaches and not just certified coaches.

The Let’s-Live Certification Process

The market today is flooded with a number of ‘certified’ life coaches who find it difficult to perform in the real world. Obviously, how much field ready can you be after training for 3 to 6 days? These are the certified and not qualified coaches we talked about!

We, at Let’s Live, believe that life coaches should be able to perform everywhere, regardless of the culture or nationality of profession of his prospect. That is why we don’t offer certificates after a 3,4 or 6 days coaching course. The least is the 2 days, 3 days and 9 days combined courses in which trainees receive a minimum of 380 hours of Life Coach Training which incorporates various beginner and advanced level lessons on neuroscience, NLP, human psychology, counseling, motivational speaking, mentoring, innovative life coaching techniques, as well as various self discovery and development tasks, tests and exams. Only those who score more than 85% in all these tests are allowed to move on to the next level of training which gives them 90 hours of practical life coaching experience and training.

In the last 5 years we have trained future coaches from more than 14  countries and 34 nationalities and we right now have more than 16 coaches practicing in 16 different countries.

How to become an international accredited and certified Life Coach through Let's-Live Coaching Training Institute

Life Coaching Certification and Accreditation Curriculum: 

Step 1 – Finish Module 1 

Module 1:   2 days Practical Self-Development Course  (Attend Personalty at Let’s-Live Coaching Training Institute) 

Step 2 – Finish Module 2

Module 2: 3 days  Practical Personal Development Course (Attend Personalty at Let’s-Live Coaching Training Institute

Step 3 – Finish Module 3

Module 3: Write your NLP and Life Coaching Exams ( Open Book Exams at Home)

Step 4- Finish Module 4

Module 4:  9 days Practical Life Coaching Certification Course (Attend Personalty at Let’s-Live Coaching Training Institute)

Step 5 – Finish Model 5 

Module 5: Write you Master NLP and Master Life Coaching Exams ( Open Book Exams at Home)

Step 6 – Finish Module 6 

Module 6: 14 days Practical Master Coaching and NLP Training (Attend Personalty at Let’s-Live Coaching Training Institute) 

For more information contact us today:

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