Born Identity Youth Camps

Born Identity Youth Camps

Inspiring and life-changing, Let’s Live Born Identity youth camps help you define your identity and promote all-round development, through a process of self-discovery. With our help and support, youngsters at the camp are guided to discover their true identity. It’s only when people have a deep understanding of their inner motivations and hidden strengths that they can move confidently in the direction of their dreams, and contribute positively towards community development. Our fully qualified spiritual mentors and life coaches, open new vistas for the young by making them realize their true potential.

Knowledge of Your Inner Self Will Take You Places

It’s the young of today who will shape the world’s future. They will take on various leadership roles and will have to shoulder the responsibility of making the world a better place to live in for all of us. It’s important to prepare them for future challenges, and what better way to start than to make them realize their vast potential to transform the world.

Self-discovery is the first step towards lasting success and happiness. Through various physical, psychological and emotional tools, our mentors and coaches help the young participants of Born Identity camps to confront their deep-seated beliefs, thoughts and emotions. We help them learn about their strengths and weaknesses, so that they can work on improving themselves.

Youngsters can often be confused about life. As they gradually progress from adolescence to adulthood, they will have to make decisions that will decide their future. The Born Identity youth camps enable youngsters to look inside them to find answers to most of their problems. By bringing them in contact with their inner self, we help clarify their doubts about life’s goals. They emerge renewed young men and women from the camps, more at ease with themselves and the world around them.

The participants learn to face their doubts, apprehensions and fears, so that they can overcome them. More often than not, the battles of life are won through the mind, rather the body. Success, after all, is a state of mind. It’s our aim at Let’s Live to show you how to effectively utilize your mental faculties to vanquish thoughts and beliefs that hold you back from living a truly wonderful life. We also help the young participants deal with any pent up negative emotions, which may be silently building within them.

It’s impossible for anyone to have all the answers to the myriad questions of life. But what makes matters more complicated is that most of the time people don’t know where to look for solutions. As our experienced spiritual mentors and life coaches will show you, it’s the inner self that has most of the answers, and holds the key to leading a blessed life.

Issues We Can Help You With

From successfully handling personal identity issues to helping through medical challenges like depression, the Born Identity camps can help youngsters with a wide range of issues:

  • Identity Issues – Low confidence, lack of motivation, sense of aimlessness in life, low self-esteem, low self-image, commitment issues, stage fright and other forms of nervousness.
  • Negative Emotions – Anger, guilt, fear, envy, revenge, sorrow.
  • Personality Challenges – Nervous, paranoid, depressed, hostile and aggressive.
  • Challenges – Depression, insomnia, phobias, personality disorders, health disorders, mental disorders, genetic disorders, and eating disorders.
  • Addictions or substance abuse – Alcohol abuse, drug abuse, gaming addiction, porn addiction, steroids addiction, addiction to medication.

After youngsters have attended our Born Identity seminars, they feel motivated and inspired to bring positive changes in their lives. Through their understanding of themselves they are able to give direction to their life. What’s even more wonderful is that they have the power to inspire others – their self-belief and confidence is infectious!

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