What is Family Coaching?

Some family challenges may be difficult to resolve without outside assistance. Relationships are not just a composite of experiences and circumstances. Family Coaching can help you relate to your family members as the individuals who add richness to your life. You will discover new possibilities that will help you understand what you mean to your family and what your family means to you.

Do you want to attend a parenting class, but are not able to make the six-week long commitment? On the other hand, it may be that you are handling most parenting responsibilities well, but there are still some challenges that you are not able to find solutions for. Our Family Coaching is designed to help you address challenges in parenting; these are challenges that a parenting workshop may not look into.

Parents who are looking for individual support to address the challenges that they think are specific to their families and those who want to prepare themselves for such challenges in the future can benefit from Family Coaching.

How is it different from family counselling?

Family Coaching can help participants to create partnerships within their family that will help them experience and produce fulfilling results. Family Coaching can help clients improve decision making, deepen learning and enhance the quality of their life. Counselling will generally focus on issues like pathology and other unresolved psychological problems from the past.

While Family Coaching starts in the present, it can assist families to set specific and clear goals that they are looking to achieve in future. On occasion, the Family Coach may have to discuss the past, but that is only when he or she wants to discover what is it that is preventing the family members from going forward. Family Coaching focuses on movement and action, not on gaining insights or understanding the past.

What outcomes can you achieve from Family Coaching?

Family Coaching can help you achieve several outcomes. Here are some of them.

Effective communication: One important feature that knits a family into a strong, healthy unit is effective communication. It is the building block for  strong sibling, marital and parent-child relationships. Family Coaching can help improve communication between family members.

Conflict resolution: Conflict can result when members of a family keep different beliefs or views that clash. Conflict can also happen when family members misunderstand each other and come to a wrong conclusion. If such issues are not peacefully resolved, resentments and arguments can result. Our Family Coach will help you in learning the qualities of compromise, improve your two-way communication and develop respect for the other person’s views.

Improved mutual respect: Some level of conflict will always exist but when you develop mutual respect, feelings of hurt and animosity that could result from such confrontations will be minimized. For example, a child should respect the authority of the parents, but parents should also have respect for their child’s values and the choices the child make. We can help you rediscover mutual respect for each other.

Empower your family: Family Coaching can help you feel empowered as a family. To realize your true potential, to live a life of optimism and passion, it is important to have an understanding and supportive family unit. We will teach you empowering practices and strategies that will help you to create a new version of yourself and take your understanding of each other to an entirely new level and develop unconditional love and support.

Learn to balance individuality and togetherness: While mutuality is very important in a family, individuals also need to develop a strong self. We can help you find a middle ground between individuality and mutuality.

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