Keeping in line with all our NLP Business Coaching Courses , the NLP in Business 5 day course focuses on helping our clients become better communicators by enhancing and improving the communication strategies they employ.

Let’s-Live Coaching has carved a niche for itself in Life Coaching and training field. We have individuals from more than 20 countries and of 35 different nationalities attending our courses and the all benefiting from them.

Let’s-Live Coaching will provide you with all the time and expertise necessary to transform your persona into that of a charismatic winner with the five days course of NLP in Business Course. And you can choose to have the training on or off-site, depending on what is more comfortable for you.

What you should know about NLP

The term NLP is an abbreviation for Neuro-Linguistic Programming and comprises three imperative sections – neurological, linguistic and programming.

Neurology deals with the mind and the thought mechanism that we human beings use. The linguistic component of NLP deals with language and the manner in which it influences our behaviour. Programming is related to the manner in which we plan and order our actions in order to be able to achieve desired goals.

So, combining the trio of these elements together, NLP is a powerful method of efficiently using the language of the brain and psyche with which you can steer yourself towards success and desired outcomes.

Overview of the NLP in Business 5 day course

The NLP in Business 5 day course is a very comprehensive NLP training aimed at making you adept in graceful communication to be used in businesses. The 5-day course extensively covers NLP – it’s what, how, and why as well as various techniques which help realize the profitable usage of NLP in business in general.

During the course of the 5 days of NLP in Business training, you will indulge in a deep study of NLP, its history and efficacies. We have scheduled a mix of NLP practitioner’s techniques and NLP master techniques to give you a detailed, fully comprehensive apprehension of NLP and its application in business.

As observed by Francois Janse van Rensburg, NLP gives you a multi-faceted vehicle in behavioural competence, communication skills and flexibility. The 5 days course has been uniquely designed to focus equally on the trio of these qualities essential for professional success.

What you stand to gain from our NLP in Business 5-day course

The 5-day course provides ample time to all participating individuals to grasp the essence of NLP and the leverage it provides you in business. NLP training will help you build the correct attitude and the right amount of curiosity about effective business communication strategies. If you have the willingness to experiment, the 5 days NLP in Business course is something you do not want to miss out on.

In the course of the 5 days, you will learn how to develop and maintain an enterprising frame of mind so as to be able to meet and exceed your personal and business targets. The NLP practitioner’s and master’s techniques combined will teach you how to build rapport with your colleagues, business associates, and your entire peer group.

The 5 days course for NLP in Business is aimed at training you to master behavioural flexibility. It is a well-established and widely acknowledged fact that the most flexible element of a system – business, judiciary, or government, exercises the most control over the system. There is nothing you cannot achieve with the effective use of carefully chosen words and correct gestures.

You will learn how to improve your communication skills to better understand the spoken and unspoken needs of your own customers. An NLP-trained marketing and advertising team of your business will be able to work its magic on all prospects and clients. The need for effective communication strategies is not just limited to the sales and media team. As a team lead or leader of a unit or an organisation, being adept in communication will enhance your managerial skill-set.

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