Relationship Coaching

What is Relationship Coaching?

Relationship Coaching has proven to be extremely effective for many couples primarily because it encourages them to share their feelings in a forum that is premised on honesty and confidentiality. Very often, relationships encounter problems because one or both parties in a relationship do not express their worries or concerns, instead choosing to ignore it. Over time, the issue becomes amplified and arguments and fights arise, with couples losing perspective of what the basis of their relationship itself is. Relationship Coaching allows couples to come together, interact face-to-face and reconcile their issues in a mature and responsible manner.

What is the Difference Between Relationship Coaching and Counseling?

The Present and Future vs. The Past

Relationship Coaching is vastly different from conventional counselling. Psychotherapy and counselling deal extensively with getting to the very root of a problem, through heavy and complicated analysis into a person’s emotional experiences and past. This method of therapy aims to have individuals themselves realise where their current emotions and feelings come from, so that they may realise the error of their ways. This kind of counselling typically takes a long time to work, with psycho-therapists spending significant amounts of time with each and every one of their patient.

Relationship Coaching is different from such kinds of therapy in that is heavily concerned with the present and the future. It spares little thought for the happenings and experiences that have taken place in an individual’s past and is focused on improving a person’s state of mind so that he/she can be fully-functional and productive in the future. In this sense, Relationship Coaching aims to implement change using a quicker process than conventional psychotherapy.

Since Relationship Coaching does not deal heavily in traditional psycho-therapy methods, many individuals prefer this kind of coaching, being able to relate to it better. Relationship Coaching is focused on providing tangible results to individuals and this strategy is much appreciated by many couples.

Communicate Productivity-Enhancing Skills

The idea is that instead of encouraging individuals to let go of insecurities and fears that they have developed in the past in the way that traditional psycho-therapy does, Relationship Coaching intends to translate new skills and techniques that individuals and couples can learn so as to improve their mentalities and decision-making processes for the future. Relationship Coaches intend to relate tangible skills that individuals can make use of to develop their relationships as well as to build meaningful ones. In this sense, relationship coaching has less to do with understanding the way in which you behave, and the factors that cause this behaviour and more to do with how to improve your general functioning, through the integration and use of a range of skills and techniques.

Who Opts For Relationship Coaching?

Relationship Coaching does not only deal with couples that are having difficulties in their relationships. The value of Relationship Coaching lies in the ability of the relationship coach to analyse an individual and forecast what problems he/she is likely to encounter within a relationship. As such, Relationship Coaching can also be extremely effective for singles in search of relationships. For singles who are having difficulty finding or maintaining fulfilling relationships, Relationship Coaching can help them better understand what character traits are holding them back. Relationship Coaching can act as a motivational tool for such individuals and give them increased confidence.

Moreover, in some cases, Relationship Coaching is even undertaken when two couples have been together for a period of time and are now looking to take the next step in their relationships. For example, some couples, even though they may have lived together, are often apprehensive of getting married and settling down. This is, in many ways, a natural reaction to the idea of a long-term commitment. Since the future is always uncertain, such couples engage in Relationship Coaching to learn techniques and ways in which they can live together comfortably, giving each other the requisite space, while simultaneously allowing their relationship to continue blossoming. Relationship Coaching can give individuals valuable insight into themselves as well as their significant others.

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