Sales professionals are important employees for an organisation. These individuals are entrusted with the responsibility of sharing the services provided by a business with the consumer base and generating buying interest for the same. Sales professionals often have stressful targets to fulfil every month due to which they may lose track of various things. This is where Tailored Sales Coaching becomes helpful.

About Tailored Sales Coaching

Tailored Sales Coaching at Let’s-Live primarily focuses on sharpening the skills, improving focus and motivation, as well as maintaining requisite energy levels in sales professionals. This is achieved by appointing an external Sales Coach who forms a relationship of trust with the sales professional to share ideas, concerns, as well as challenges. Such an exchange tends to relax the sales professional and encourages him to perform well to meet his targets.

Tailored Sales Coaching identifies sales as a combination of attitude, goal setting, successful relationship building, as well as management. This Coaching at Let’s-Live Coaching aims to help the sales professional with an array of skills which would eventually make him immune to work pressure and provide his manager with the desired results.

Tailored Sales Coaching programs tend to stress on 7 key areas to help develop the selling skills of the professional. These are as follows:

  1. Efficient Preparation.
  2. Concrete Introduction.
  3. Effective Questioning.
  4. Effective Presentation.
  5. Beating Roadblocks.
  6. Effective Closing.
  7. Persistent Follow up.

Tailored Sales Coaching Program at Let’s Live

Tailored Sales Coaching Program offered at Let’s-Live aims at teaching their clients the concepts mentioned above and their application in daily sales jobs or long-term sale strategies. Our Tailored Sales Coaching for teams and individuals include:

  1. Performance Coaching.
  2. Interactive sales training and sales skills.
  3. Value-driven sales techniques.
  4. New sales techniques.

Our expansive curriculum integrates an interesting combination of important concepts like Consultative Selling, Prospect Hunting, Management of Opportunities, Sales Presentations, Smart Management and Negotiations, Account Development, as well as efficient execution of necessary sales practices. The services at Let’s-Live Coaching are targeted at Managers, Sales teams and Marketing teams in businesses of all sizes.

Who Will Be Benefited By Tailored Sales Coaching?

Are you a sales professional struggling to meet your monthly targets? Are you a manager who is unable to inspire outstanding sale records from your employees If yes, then Tailored Sales Coaching is meant for you. Tailored Sales Coaching helps out sales professionals as well as managers who have hit a roadblock which is being tough to overcome. Sales professionals who have lost direction and focus also need sales coaching. Managers need Sales Coaching to be a better mentor to his employees. It is beneficial for marketing teams as it helps them design effective sales strategies.

Why is Tailored Sales Coaching So Effective?

Tailored Sales Coaching acts as a catalyst of change for a stagnant sales career. It generates renewed interest in a sales professional toward his job. Sales Coaching help to develop and reinvent a sales professional. Armed with a skill set which is designed to adapt effectively with the current market requirement, the sales professional gets a new lease on life with Sales Coaching at Let’s-Live.

Post Sales Coaching, the sales professional has mastered the 7 keys to successful selling. He is well placed to present his ideas better, pitch in the presentations effectively, negotiate optimally with his clients and close deals sooner than ever before. With a Sales Coach around he also has a platform to exchange ideas, share concerns, as well as conquer challenges. Lastly, Sales Coaching contributes to the overall development of a sales professional by training him to make better analytical decisions and develop personal sales strategies.


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