Accurate Christianity

Every person is special, unique, and deserves the utmost respect. Every person is a celebrity and a king! Your boss, your teacher, your parents, and even the beggar on the corner are special and unique and deserve respect too! We were all fashioned and formed in the image and likeness of God! He is, our true and only Father and creator.

Every person is the accurate offspring of God. There is only one creator of mankind; there is only One, who gives life!

Our mission!

Learn to see beyond what people see!

The realization that every person, no matter who they are: or what their status: is special changes our attitude towards them. We now willingly grant them the respect they deserve. We treat every person as a child of the most high God!

Learn to see beyond what people see in themselves. Everybody has the seed of “Christ” and greatness, (the very breath of God) inside them and you empower people by seeing beyond their imperfections and problems to their potential, their depth, their inner beauty and their possibilities. You empower people by seeing the greatness in them.

Maybe people don’t see themselves as great and unique, perhaps they feel worthless.

We’ll be their mirror! Show them that you see Christ in them. Show them that you recognise the very breath of God inside of them. And you treat them according to the Spirit that lives inside of them, and not according to their outer appearance!

Every person’s life is important. Every person has a contribution to make, in this world, and perhaps maybe in your life, that person might just have a few answers that you were hunt for. Your support could well be the boost or turning point in someone’s life, so don’t let a person’s outwards appearance blind you, to their greatness. Bring out the best in everybody by believing in them.

As you learn to adopt this attitude towards people, you will develop meaningful relationships with everyone you meet, and even a casual exchange will enrich both you and the other person.

Kingdom Love

Francois Janse van Rensburg

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