Team Building

Understanding team dynamics

Most organisations are driven by teams. Whether it is a project team, a functional team or any other team, people are more effective when they work as a team. That is why, when a team is not able to work well, productivity and performance suffers. The good news is that we can conduct Team Building sessions for you.

Have you witnessed conflicting goals, unclear expectations or outright hostility in your team? These are symptoms that a team is unhealthy. These harmful effects can be avoided but only if you are proactive about it. We have seen that even when a team meets its objectives, there is often room to improve.

Can steps be taken to improve a team? The answer is yes. Team Coaching is not the same as Individual Coaching and it can help a team reach another level altogether. Team Coaching is also valuable and important as a leadership and management tool.

How can Team Coaching help?

Through Team Coaching, people can learn to work with others more effectively. It is an excellent way to demonstrate how conflict can be reduced and working relationships can be improved. Later, the team can focus on real work, such as the achievement of objectives.

During Team Coaching, the focus is on interactions and interpersonal skills and not individual development. We have seen that the performance of a team depends on the way, team members communicate and act around each other. Putting individuals who can deliver high performance into a team is no guarantee that the team will perform better.

People should learn to work with and relate to each other. As long as this does not happen, the output of the team will always be lesser than what could have been. Our work as a Team Coach is to bring the members of a team together, discuss individual profiles and to support them when they try to find ways to improve team dynamics.

When team members gain a better understanding, they will start seeing one another in a different light. This also helps them make adjustments to their behaviours, to get better results and they also learn to interpret the behaviours of other people with more empathy and insight.

A team is an aggregation of individuals; a unique blend of education, values, experiences, backgrounds and styles which forms team dynamics. This dynamism is different for every team and no ready-made formula exists, that is to say, customisation is necessary.

What is involved in Team Coaching?

Team Coaching is a process which helps teams to identify and later address challenges. Unlike other off-the-shelf programs, we have customised our process. This allows us to tackle specific needs, to bring about real change and obtain tangible, lasting results.

It does not matter whether a team was put together for the first time, if the entry of new members has changed the team dynamics or whether there is an ongoing conflict in the team. Our Team Coaching process will allow your team to clarify, discover and own problems, develop applicable action plans, overcome barriers and to be accountable for results.

How can you benefit from Team Coaching?

All kinds of teams can benefit from Team Coaching, whether it is an executive team, a functional team
or a project team that has come into being for a certain function. The process is useful for both team members and managers directly because it educates members about team nature, what makes a good team, what can impediment teamwork and how these can be overcome. Our task is to give you framework, strategies and processes, but finally, you will have to discover how your situation will benefit from these processes.

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